So this is my site, its kind of a work in progress and hope to have detailed instructions about my projects, what I’m working on and if your super lucky ridiculous rants about essentially nothing!

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BoomBox Part 3

At the beginning of the video I build a controller board using an Arduino Pro Mini (clone), 6x tact buttons, 6x 10k resistors, 10k pot, perf board and some wire.  The Arduino code is in the zip file below along with a PDF of the schematic.  This communication board talks to the Raspberry Pi via …

BoomBox Part 2

After cutting the pieces for the front and back (shown in part 1), I use acetone (0:55) to transfer the toner from the paper to my material.  Remember to print you page mirrored and to use a laser printer.  The documents used are attached at the bottom of this post and are also symmetrical so there …