BoomBox Part 2

After cutting the pieces for the front and back (shown in part 1), I use acetone (0:55) to transfer the toner from the paper to my material.  Remember to print you page mirrored and to use a laser printer.  The documents used are attached at the bottom of this post and are also symmetrical so there isn’t any reason to print them mirrored.

Using a wood nail as a sudo punch (1:05) I mark where i need to drill holes.

(5:05) This is why this channel is called Inappropriate_tools, I placed some 1/4″ dowel into the chuck of my drill press and used a combination of sand paper (80 and 220 grit), metal file and a wood jigsaw bit to make my buttons.  Later I use a similar technique to make the volume knob.  First I need to make a jig (6:45) to attach the larger 1″ doweling to.

BoomBox Back

BoomBox Front

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